Let’s use Google Translate

2020年05月21日 16:18

I’ve always wanted to experiment once, can I write a blog in English? For that reason This blog uses google translation because I thought I’d write it in English. It’s a pity, but I’ve been educated for nearly 10 years and I can’t speak or write English.

At one time I asked a yoga instructor who speaks English in china. “How do you become able to speak English?” It seems that she does nothing special except for the education she received at school.

Is my lack of competence or Japanese education wrong? It is often said that English is tool for learning something and communication tool. In short, it is a tool.

 I wanted to be able to master English(as a tool), so I decided to read an English book. The book I started  reading is Kenichiro Mogi’s book “IKIGAI”. It’s a very slow speed, but it’s progressing little by little. Maybe Mogi’s second work will be released first.

 I look forward to the day when I can graduate from Google Translation. Hmm・・・・somehow・・・I want to make it one of my pleasures in my old age・・・・・・・・・・・・.


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